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Rashmi Sandeep, Founder & Chief Life Influencer

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Founder & Chief Knowledge Coach

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Founder & Chief Knowledge Coach



Inspirational Speaker , HR Professional , Healer &  Philanthropist

 Rashmi  creates a space and leaves an impact in people's life making them feel highly charged up and motivated to stay focused and achieve their desired goals – Professional and Personal.

Rashmi  is not a Therapist. She does not heal anybody's emotions . She help people stay young and bubbling in positivism.  She always wanted to live life differently and during the Pause phase of her life, she discovered the hidden passion to inspire people, touch their lives and move them to achieve their goals. 

Rashmi is  also a HR Professional with 14yrs of Core HR Experience in Corporate world.  She always wanted to be different and unique in all that she did and spoke. This inner desire to be different from the rest, made her walk through some unexpected roads of life and one such road directed her to the “Road of Spirituality and Healing” .

Healing the self is a choice one has to make. Choice of accepting the life situation as it is and learning to respond appropriately. She made a choice to heal herself that empowered her to take on the possibilities. 

As a Healer Rashmi  want to help create a world where it is safe for us to love each other & accept each

other without any judgment, criticism, or prejudice.

She inspires the needy to follow simple methods  that not just help people with quick wins but transform them into a powerful version of themselves with minimum efforts and firm commitment. 


Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Founder & Chief Knowledge Coach

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Founder & Chief Knowledge Coach

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Founder & Chief Knowledge Coach



Inspirational Coach, Life Influencer and Mentor, Human Capital Specialist, Impact Consultant, Blogger, Writer &  a Painter

Vijeta is compassionate being with strong determination. Her approach towards Life is full of faith & positivity. The thought of influencing the lives of people around embarked the “New Journey”. Connecting with Individuals, understanding them in depth, and being sensitive to their emotions is the core of Vijeta. 

Vijeta believes and practices the “3D’s Principle: single-minded Devotion, strong Determination and Dedication” pave the ways for all success in life. 

She comes with 14 years of rich professional experience from Human Resource background and working with various MNC’s.  She has worked with cross functional teams and dealt with diversity culture. Her assignments gave her opportunities to explore countries like US and UK 

With her experience she wants to influence and impact the lives of many people around and continue do her bit towards the society and make this world a better place to live in. 

She practices and believes that meditation is the best way to meet the “You inside you”.  

A strong believer of “A journey of thousand miles begins with single step …..” and have “Miles to go before I sleep …” 

Keep Smiling and Inspiring